Appendix B: Relevant RFCs, IETF Drafts, and other Documents

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These are the IETF Request For Comments (RFCs) for NetBIOS over TCP/UDP/IP, now Internet Standard number 19 (IETF STD 19). IETF Request for Comments documents are under the copyright of The Internet Society. For more information about RFCs and the RFC process, see the RFC Editor web page at:

Expired IETF CIFS Draft Specification

CIFS V1.02 Specification, by Paul Leach and Dilip C. Naik of Microsoft.

Most Recent SMB URL proposal

IETF Internet Draft SMB URL

The Storage Networking Industry Association CIFS Reference

CIFS Technical Reference, V1.00

Microsoft's Official CIFS, SMB, and SMB2 Specifications

Note that the use of the terms "CIFS" and "SMB" are a little strange in these documents. "CIFS" refers to the SMB protocol as it was implemented in Windows NT and earlier, while "SMB" refers to the protocol as it was implemented in Windows 2000 and later. This is what happens when there are too many lawyers involved.

  • [MS-CIFS]
    ...which specifies the Windows NT LAN Manager (NT LM 0.12) dialect of the SMB protocol as it was implemented in Windows NT 3.51 and NT 4.0 servers, the Windows NT 4.0 Workstation client, and the Windows 98 client.
  • [MS-SMB]
    ...which specifies the changes, additions, and enhancements Microsoft has made to the SMB protocol starting with Windows 2000 through to the present day.
  • [MS-SMB2]
    ...which specifies the new SMB2 protocol, which is intended to replace SMB/CIFS.

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