I get a lot of e'mail about the book. Much of it is discussion about tea and Richard Thompson, but several people have also been kind enough to provide additions, enhancements, embellishments, and even the rare correction.
Good stuff.

I have discovered
a truly remarkable proof
which this margin is
too small to contain.
-- Fermat's Last Theorem


[Annotation] When appropriate, I have been adding this updated knowledge to the on-line version of the book in the form of annotations. The annotations appear as links, as indicated by the icon shown on the right (it appears as "[Annotation]" in text-based browsers).

I received an e'mail from Matt Seitz asking me to provide an index to these annotations, so here it is.
Thanks for the suggestion, Matt!

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  • Section 2.6.1 (in the SMB Dialects table)
  • Section (following the e'mail from Andrew Narver)
  • Section 2.7.3
  • Section (two entries)
  • Section 2.9.2
Browse Service
  • Section
  • Section 3.3.2
  • Section (see the description of the smb_Transaction_Request)
  • Section (see the description of the AvailCount field)
Appendix A  
  • Four entries in the Web section.

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