What They're Saying About This Book

[Samba] "The book that Microsoft should have written, but didn't."
-- Jeremy Allison, Samba Team
[jCIFS] "I was just reading your book. It's very funny! :~)"
-- Michael B. Allen, jCIFS Team
[Underflap.com] "You know you totally rule. I am in awe of your RFCness."
-- Catfood, Software Under Flap
[ClickFish] "Ein langer und gut geschriebener, wenn nicht sogar humorvoller Artikel zu CIFS.
Glückwunsch an den Autor für diese gelungene Vorstellung des CIFS-Konzepts."
Translation: "It's okay. Needs salt. Reads like chicken."
-- Helmut Corsten, ClickFish.de
[Unfortunately, ClickFish went bankrupt and shut down in April of 2002. A shame. It really was a nice review.]
[Aled] "Trust me, Papa. Your book will be a best seller."
-- Aled (age 9)
[Amalia] "Captain Pedantic!"
-- Amalia (age 7)
  "Just a note to say thanks for writing the piece about NBT - it's quite thorough and easily answered all my questions..
-- Billy Y..
  "Your way of explaining stuff is really fantastic, a lot of Technical Humor in between some Heavy-n-Serious info."
-- Atul
  "Your detailed explanations are clear, backed-up with source code- and the numerous bits of humor make a dry subject very enjoyable to read."
-- J.D. Lindemann
  "I think the stuff in your page at http://www.ubiqx.org/cifs/ is simply the best conceptual overview of SMB I have seen."
-- Stanley H.
  "You've done an incredibly nice job of steering the line between a damn good read and an essential systems manual."
-- Danny Smith

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