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December, 2011

Three new presentation slide sets have been posted.

New Projects
July, 2011

The Prequel project has started to take shape. Prequel is an implementation of Microsoft's BranchCache™ distributed caching system.

So far, we have focused on the server side, as this will be of the greatest interest to Samba.

Podcasted on Linux Outlaws
May, 2011

While attending Samba/XP last week, I was interviewed by Fabian Scherschel of Linux Outlaws.

In the interview, I talk about our experiences working with Microsoft to produce the [MS-CIFS] and [MS-SMB] specifications, as well as my current projects and the future of Samba. There are also interviews with Kai Blin and Tridge.

Website Overhaul
April, 2011

We have redesigned the website.

Yes we will, eventually, move to a CMS.

New Projects
April, 2011

We have started a couple of new projects with the goal of leveraging Microsoft's protocol documentation. The first project with release-ready code is STiB, which is a client-side implementation of the MS-BITS upload protocol.

Open for Business
April, 2011

ubiqx development, uninq. (this website) has been our outlet for Free and Open Source software and documentation for a long time now. A couple of years ago we spawned a consulting team to meet the demand for commercial protocol support and project development. This kind of work keeps showing up at our virtual doorstep and it seemed reasonable to turn it into a business.

ubiqx Consulting, Inc. provides network protocol expertise, documentation, Open Source software development, and various levels of support for BSD, Linux, & Samba.

Both sides of the house will continue to work together to produce publicly available information, documentation, and utilities.


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